Harbour Saint-Pierre
1432 berths Tel: 04 94 12 54 40
Harbour of L'Ayguade
431 berths Tel: 06 68 97 09 81
Harbour of La Capte
198 berths Tel: 06 68 94 90 42
Harbour of Auguier
109 berths Tel: 07 60 94 22 41
Harbour of Niel
103 berth Tel: 06 99 45 26 37

The Hyères harbour administration feels very concerned about ecology and the preservation of our planet and environment. Please help us to keep our harbours clean. Special interactive information displays will show you how and where to dispose of your waste properly.

Recyclable ordinary waste

Specific recycling bins are at your disposal to collect glass, plastic bottles, clean packagings, carboard and paper.

  • Main Harbour Office car park
  • Central jetty car park
  • Baron Bich quay
  • Entrance 3rd port

Ordinary waste

Non-toxic and non-recyclable waste must be disposed of in the green waste containers. These large bins are emptied regularly during the low season and daily during the mid and high season ( May-September)

  • The bins are located at the gate of each pontoon.


A mini waste collection area is at your disposal for used batteries, flares, toxicwastes, paints, solvents, fuel, used oils, plastic, paper and fabric.

  • This unit is located at the entrance of the shipyard.


Specific collection tanks are at your disposal for grey and black waters.

Stack collectors

  • Thess units are located next to the basins 1 and 3 harbour offices.

 If you notice any wrongdoings or deliberate pollution, please report immediately to harbour authorities

Interactive map of the ports