Harbour Saint-Pierre
1432 berths Tel: 04 94 12 54 40
Harbour of L'Ayguade
431 berths Tel: 06 68 97 09 81
Harbour of La Capte
198 berths Tel: 06 68 94 90 42
Harbour of Auguier
109 berths Tel: 07 60 94 22 41
Harbour of Niel
103 berth Tel: 06 99 45 26 37

Magnetic harbour card : how does it work ?

Place your magnetic card on the unit. Maintain the card on the unit until your hear a signal.

If you hear a short melody, this means that your card is operational. If you hear 3 short beeps after 2 or 3 tries, please contact the harbour office.


  • Press the RED button situated above the socket you wish to use.
  • Press the button as many times as you need the supply.
    1 push entitles you to 12 hours of electricity. *


  • Press the BLUE button situated above the chosen stop valve.
  • You may push the button 4 times maximum (4x15mn)
    1 push provides you with 15 minutes water *

Connect your hose. Water distribution starts the next minute (on the dot). You may increase your water consumption by placing you magnetic card on the unit again.

You may stop the supply anytime if you need to leave the berth. You may credit your card of the remaining units. To do so, place your magnetic card on the device during 5 seconds until you hear a signal while selecting your type of supply ( water or electricity). Once your hear the signal you may remove your card. You card will be credited of the unused units (minutes).

* Actual water and electricity consumption : duration of supply of water or electricity (counters immediately stop when supply units are not in use and ready for next use )

Interactive map of the ports