Harbour Saint-Pierre
1432 berths Tel: 04 94 12 54 40
Harbour of L'Ayguade
431 berths Tel: 06 68 97 09 81
Harbour of La Capte
198 berths Tel: 06 68 94 90 42
Harbour of Auguier
109 berths Tel: 07 60 94 22 41
Harbour of Niel
103 berth Tel: 06 99 45 26 37

« Concerning seasonal berth reservations, please book directly online »

  High season*
(from 01/05 to 31/10)
Low season*
(from 01/11 to 30/04)
Opening day
for bookings
January 10
at 8am
January 10
at 8am
Closing day
for bookings
January 31
at midnight
May 31
at midnight
*with reference to article 4. 2 for the use and specifications of the « Ports d’hyères » regulations.

If you do not have a personal account :


Create your personal account*

  • Register before 10 January 
  • Complete the necessary information
  • Validate your registration (check your inbox for email of confirmation)
*This step is essential to avoid any possible congestion. Boaters should register and prebook their berths before the opening day of the reservations. (refer to table below)



  • Log on to your personal account as from 10 January  , 8am
  • Complete:
    • Your choice of Port : Saint-Pierre, l'Ayguade, La Capte, Auguier, Le Niel
    • The required period or season
    • The precise dates of your stay (beginning and ending).
  • Validate the information (you will receive an email of confirmation for each reservation)
Only one request per port and per holder will be accepted.



  • Booking will be accepted after approval by harbour office administration depending on date of request, duration of stay, availabilities, dimensions of your boat. Request will be taken into account as early as March for the high season and September for the low season.


Notice: Reservations are processed by the harbour administration in a chronological order of demands on a safe and secure software (with reference to Article 78.17 of French law concerning the use of confidential data online). According to this law, note that you have access to your data at any time. You may delete, or change any personal information on the website. You also have the right to deny the use of personal information by other people.

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