Harbour Saint-Pierre
1432 berths Tel: 04 94 12 54 40
Harbour of L'Ayguade
431 berths Tel: 06 68 97 09 81
Port La Capte
198 berths Tel: 06 68 94 90 42
Port Auguier
109 berths Tel: 07 60 94 22 41

Waiting list reservation procedure for long term and permanent stays (for annual members only)

Initial waiting list registration

  • Please send a letter before 30 September of the ongoing year by registered post to the following address
    Capitainerie du Port Saint-Pierre, 116 Quai Gilles Barbanson, 83400 Hyères Les Palmiers.
  • Complete the registration form
  • please send a €30.00 cheque (to cover administration fees) payable :
    • "the régisseur des recettes 1, 2 et 4" -> if your reservation is for the harbour SAINT-PIERRE
    • "the régisseur des recettes harbour de l'Ayguade" -> if your reservation is for the harbour de L'AYGUADE
    • "the régisseur des recettes harbour de La Capte" -> if your reservation is for the harbour de La CAPTE
    • "the régisseur des recettes harbour Auguier" -> if your reservation is for the harbour AUGUIER
  • you will receive a lettre of confirmation in March of the following year confirming acknowledgement of your demand, your file number and your rank in the waiting list


  • If you wish to remain on the waiting list, please renew your demand every year by 30 September of the ongoing year. Send the application form by registered post.
  • Please send a €30.00 cheque (to cover aministration fees), payable to.... (see above) 

Notice :

  1. .Reservations are processed by the harbour administration in a chronological order of demands on a safe and secure software (with reference to Article 78.17 of French law concerning the use of confidential data online). According to this law, note that you have access to you data at anytime. You may delete, or change any personal information on the website. You also have the right to deny the use of personal information by other people.
  2. The waiting list is updated annually. Harbour users need to renew their demand every year in order to remain in the waiting list. Data processing can be long, especially before the high season. Harbour users may expect to wait for an indefinite period of time for an answer . 

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