Harbour Saint-Pierre
1432 berths Tel: 04 94 12 54 40
Harbour of L'Ayguade
431 berths Tel: 06 68 97 09 81
Harbour of La Capte
198 berths Tel: 06 68 94 90 42
Harbour of Auguier
109 berths Tel: 07 60 94 22 41
Harbour of Niel
103 berth Tel: 06 99 45 26 37


The beautiful bay of « Hyères les Palmiers » is the ideal stop for any fishing, sailing or yachting enthusiasts on the Riviera. You will find all you need to make this experience unique and unforgettable.

The « Port Saint-Pierre « , protected from the winds and swells by the peninsula of « Giens «, it was awarded a "Blue Flag (pavillon)" in 1989. It is a large (13 hectars) and ideally situated port on the Mediterranean sea which can host up to 1500 vessels.

A few nautical miles away, you can easily reach the ‘Iles d’Or « islands (which are part of the Port-Cros National Park) , and the Pélagos sanctuary where the local flora and fauna are preserved and protected.

• Nearby, you will find the magnificient stretches of sand of the beaches of the city of Hyères where you can also stroll along the seafront shops, bars and restaurants .

Don’t miss the smaller harbours of « L’Ayguade », « La Capte », « Le Niel » and « Port Augier », where you can experience the quiet atmosphere of the Riviera whilst taking advantage of top quality services and facilities.

The city of Hyères looks forward to welcoming you to its harbours very soon. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Interactive map of the ports